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UCC Butyl Manhole Sealant

Assured long-term joint sealing for modular segmented reinforced concrete manhole units

UCC JointSeal 5000 Membrane

Used in construction sector for sealing a variety of surfaces and prevent water ingress. It can be used for sealing roof sheet joints, flashing, roof penetrations, patching roofing membrane, gutter leaks and sealing joints between structural floor sheeting on decks and balconies. If exposed to UV, it can be top coated with acrylic, render etc.

JointSeal Fabric Tape

Marineseal Splash Zone Corrosion & Degradation Prevention Systems provide optimum protection for Timber Piles and Steel Piles (Cylindrical, HP Section, H-Section) in the most aggressive marine environments.
Timber Pile Remediation
Harbour or open water location
Carbon fiber mesh and FRP jacket with UW grout infill

UCC Paving Tape

Based upon a needle punched polyester backing layer laminated with an aggressively adhesive bitumen rubber mastic layer. Dual-purpose product, both used to seal reinforced concrete pipe and culvert joints and prevent reflective cracking in road pavements.

MightyPoxy MP1

Two-component adhesive compound to fill and bond concrete, bricks, ceramics, grouting bolts, metals, fiberglass, cement sheet, natural stone and various timbers.

Manhole Sealing Grease

Designed to provide assured permanent sealing of manhole frames and grates.

UltraSwell B47 Hydrophilic Water Stop

Custom-blended controlled expansion butyl rubber bentonite strip for assured sealing of non-movement concrete joints.