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Canusa Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

Canusa have developed a comprehensive range of both 2-Layer and 3-Layer Heat Shrinkable Sleeves for direct to steel application, application of over Epoxy, application over FBE Coating and application over PE or PP Coating on Field Joints, HDD Joints and pipework. Canusa Heat Shrink sleeves can deal with fully UV exposed applications through to burial and full immersion applications, & with operating temperatures ranging from freezing through to 150°C


IntelliCOAT is the world’s first fully-automated system for the controlled application of heat shrinkable sleeves. The field friendly system provides a stepchange enhancement in the quality, consistency and productivity of field-applied coatings by means of automation.

Canusa K Series Heat Shrink Sleeves

The K-Series™ products are mastic based heat shrinkable systems, which have been designed for Fast and Flexible installations. The product range offers systems for offshore and onshore applications, with a range of operating temperatures. The product line offers both cost effective solutions, as well as high performance products.

Canusa Aqua-Shield Heat Shrink Sleeves

Aqua-Shield™ is a family of heat-shrinkable sleeve products that have been specifically designed for corrosion protection of water pipelines. Various product configurations are available that utilize a cross-linked polyolefin backing and a protective, heat-activated adhesive which effectively bonds to metallic substrates and common pipeline coatings

CanusaTube – PLA Tubular Heat Shrink Sleeves

The tubular heat shrinkable products offer a fast installation method for flexible application requirements. These products have many different applications, both in the pipeline industry as well as multiple industrial applications.

Canusa GTS-65 and GTS-80 Heat Shrink Sleeves

Global Transmission Sleeve, or GTS™, refers to a series of high performance field applied coating systems that provide superior corrosion protections for buried exposed and offshore pipelines.

Canusa GTS-PP-65 and GTS-PP-100 Heat Shrink Sleeves

A range of polypropylene based hybrid GTS systems that combine Canusa-CPS patented Polypropylene Backing technology for advanced mechanical protection with our more forgiving adhesive technology. The design delivers outstanding resistance to external mechanical loads, while allowing for a very simplified and forgiving installation procedure for 3LPE and 3LPP coated pipelines operating at temperatures up to 100°C (212°F).

Canusa PE Repair Patch

Canusa CRP-65 Repair Patch is designed to to be used in conjunction with UCC Butyl Mastic Filler Strip for the repair of both 2-Layer and 3-Layer PE Pipeline Coatings. It is also specifically recommended for the repair of Sintakote® Fusion Bonded PE Coating.

Canusa PP Repair Patch

Canusa CRP-PP Repair Patch is designed to to be used in conjunction with UCC Butyl Mastic Filler Strip for the repair of 3-Layer PP Pipeline Coatings. It is specifically recommended for the repair of all 3-Layer PP Pipeline Coatings